How To Setup Your Apple / Google Developer Licenses

In order for you to be able to distribute your apps in the Apple App Store and Google Marketplace, you must have your own “Developer License”. This guide will help you thru the process of setting up your accounts with each platform so you can distribute your apps.

Apple Developer License

Warning: We strongly suggest that you use the Safari web browser when interacting with the Apple Developer Portal. Firefox and Chrome any not work consistently with Apple’s website.

1. Go to the Apple Developer Signup Page (View)

Go to the following page: Click on “Continue” to start the signup.

2. “Are You New or a Registered Apple developer?” (View)

You will be asked if you are a “New Apple Developer” or an “Existing Apple Developer”. Choose “I need to create a new account for an Apple Developer Program” under the “New Apple Developer”. DON’T choose the I already have an Apple ID option. We don’t want your personal iTunes account associated with your developer account!

3. “Are you Enrolling as an Individual or Company” (View)

Now, this is your choice. You can choose to distribute your apps as an individual or as a corporation. Besically, when someone views your app in the App Store, do you want it showing as being sold by you “John Smith” or by your Haunt, “Haunted House, Inc.”. When you choose to register as a company, Apple will want to verify your company. You will get an email asking for a list of documents to provide them via Fax to prove your a legal corporate entity. This process can take up to 7 – 14 days for them to verify. If you don’t get an “Approved” or “Declined” email by the 14th day, please contact Apple Support. For the rest of walk thru, we are going to assume that you have chosen “Company”.

4. “Complete Your Personal Profile” (View)

Fill in your personal information. Be sure to use an “Email Address” that isn’t already associated with an Apple iTunes Account. When finished, click “Continue”.

5. Complete “Your Professional Profile” (View A / View B)

Now you will be asked several questions. Answer them with the following answers:

a. “Which Apple platforms do you develop?” – Choose “iOS”

b. “What is your primary market?” – Choose “Entertainment”

c. “What types of iOS applications do you plan on developing?” – Choose “Entertainment” and “Travel”

d. “Please select the primary category for your application(s)?” – Choose “Free Applications”

e. “How many years have you been developing on Apple” – Choose “New to Apple platforms”

f. “Do you develop on other mobile platforms?” – Choose “Yes”

g. “Which other mobile platforms do you develop on?” – Choose “Android” and “Windows Mobile”

6. “Registered Apple Developer Agreement” (View)

This is the standard Apple Developer Agreement. Make sure to “check” the confirmation box and click on the “I Agree” button.

7. “Enter the verification code sent to your email” (View)

You will receive an email, sent to the email address you registered with, that contains a verification code. Enter the code in the box or click on the verification link contained in the email.

8. The Wait Begins….

Once you enter in the verification code, you will then see a “Thank you” message. You will need to now wait for another email that you should get within 24 – 48 hours that outlines the documents needed to verify your company with Apple. Once you get that email, submit your documentation to Apple. You will then receive an email informing you if your documents were accepted or not. If you do not receive a “Approved” or “Declined” email by ten (10) days from submission, please contact Apple support to find out what the delay is. You can contact support between 9a – 7p CST by calling (800) 633-2152. Once your verified, follow the next steps.

9. “Choose your developer license”

You will be presented with three (3) license options. Choose “iOS Developer – $99 per year” and click on the continue button.

10. “Provide your Billing Information”

Now provide your credit card information to complete the developer registration and pay your yearly license fee.

Congratulations! You are now a Apple Developer. Send an email to support (at) hauntapps (dot) com letting us know that you’ve completed the signup. We will then follow up with you on the next steps to completing your setup.


Google Android Developer License Setup

Now the Android License setup is simple compared to the Apple signup.

1. Visit the Android Developer Page -

Now, create a new “Google Account” to be used as your login. Like the Apple account, we don’t want to associate any personal accounts with your developer account. So be sure to create a new “Google Account”. After you’ve created a new account, continue with the license setup process.

2. Create Your Developer Profile (View)

Now provide your information to complete the profile:

a. Developer Name – The name of the seller. Typically, your company name or Haunt’s Name.

b. Email Address – Should be the email of the Google Account profile your logged into.

c. Website URL – Your Haunt’s URL

d. Phone Number – Your Phone Number (This is not public)

e. Email Updates – You can check this if you want.

3. Pay Your $25 Registration Fee

Using Google Checkout, pay your $25 fee for your Android Developer Licences using your Credit Card.

4. Agree to the “Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement”

Agree to the Agreement and click “Continue”.

Congratulations, you are now a Android Developer. As before, send an email to us at “Support (at) HauntApps (dot) com letting us know you’ve completed your Google Android Developer Account. We will send you a follow up email on the next steps.

If you still need help setting up these license accounts, please contact Apple / Google as they are the only ones that can help solve any issues with your accounts.